The most expensive states for ER visits, ranked

Published: 11:20 AM March 24, 2022
Studio 642/Getty Images

The price of an emergency

Have you ever been in a hospital emergency room? Maybe you broke your leg or had a burst appendix. When medical emergencies strike, an ER visit could spell the difference between life and death. 

But, like many things in the American health care system, the cost of this kind of life-saving hospital care varies widely based on where you live or which hospital you visit. 

Hospital Pricing Specialists collected billing data from nearly 4,500 hospitals across the country to gauge the average price of a moderate-severity ER visit  — the most common kind of visit — in each state. (Think acute pain of unknown origin, or a fever greater than 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit.)

The overall price tag is made up of emergency room charges, lab and radiology tests, pharmacy and supply costs, and other hospital fees. Each line item also includes charges that go toward paying the health care providers themselves. 

In this gallery, the numbers are presented before any medical insurance is applied. Here are the 50 states (and Washington, D.C.) ranked by the pre-insurance cost of a moderate-severity ER visit.