Hidden treasures people found at home

Published: 11:18 AM March 24, 2022
Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Treasure where you least expect it

A centuries-old mystery may be solved soon, thanks to some old-time pirate booty recently unearthed by an amateur historian. Jim Bailey found the coins using a metal detector in Middletown, Rhode island.

For 400 years, historians have pondered the escape route of pirate Captain Henry Every after his capture of the Ganj-i-Sawai, a ship belonging to an Indian emperor carrying gold and silver from Mecca. The discovery of these coins hints that Every made a pitstop in America. Although Bailey originally believed the loot to be of Spanish or colonial Massachusetts origin, research revealed it was from 17th century Yemen.

Not every treasure hunter has to leave home to excavate history. Some of the most significant (and valuable) discoveries have been made accidentally in people's own backyards, basements and attics. Here are some of the most amazing riches people have unearthed on their very own property.